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    Muraspec Join Forces With Skopos Fabrics Ltd

    It was announced this week that Muraspec and Skopos Fabrics Limited have entered into a partnership with Muraspec acquiring a share in the Skopos business.


    Muraspec Logo                     Skopos Logo




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    Muraspec - We never say Never

    We are always busy being creative, there is always a new design spoiling you for choice.

    Latest wallcovering Designs: Elan Assam, Elan Francine, Elan Juliette, Elan Moire, Astoria Bark, Astoria Antique, Union Peru, Union Plaster, Meteor Menara & Memerase Write on Wipe off wallcoverings

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    8 Brilliant Wallpaper Designs!

    Here, we have compiled a list of some of our newest, and most captivating wallpapers. Perhaps one of these will inspire your next design choice!

    Muraspec Wallcovering Astoria, Bark   Muraspec Wallcovering Astoria, Louvre Stripe



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    Fardis & Muraspec Unveil Newly Refurbished London Showroom

    Last night we unveiled our newly refurbished London showroom with an exclusive launch event.

    Fardis & Muraspec Showroom King's Road, London 


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    Muraspec Our Sister Brand Launches Elan Francine, Elan Juliette & Astoria Bark!

    New Wallcoverings: Elan Francine, Elan Juliette & Astoria Bark

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    Win Free Wallpaper - Prize Draw Winners 5th Nov 2015

    10 Lucky Winners: Sally Argyle, Kelley Gowland, Ridwana Jeerooburkhan, Bilen Shifferaw, Caroline Walliss, Clive White, Anna Zielinska, Lynne Mount, Martin Rogers, Alexandra Salway

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    Fardis launches Wall Inspiration


    Wall Inspiration spoiling you for choice, a image gallery that will inspire you to choose your wallpaper. 

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