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    Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year

    Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year…


    Need a breath of fresh air? You’re not alone.


    In the bustle of an increasingly urban lifestyle everyone feels a bit of nostalgia for the lusciousness and serenity of the countryside. Perhaps this is why florals and botanicals are so on trend this year. Botanical designs have a way of connecting us to nature – from wallpaper to fabric and beyond – and have a healing effect on the body, mind and soul. And as always, Fardis is at the forefront of the latest in the world of interior design.


    Check out some of our newest and most rejuvenating Fardis wallpapers inspired by this design trend.


    Nouvelle, Gavi

    Gavi by Fardis

    Gavi is a revivifying design characterised by luscious floral illustrations that add that invigorating touch of nature we all crave in our busy urban lives.


    Shangri La, Kachura

    Kachura by Fardis

    True to its Himalayan namesake, Kachura is characterised by an air of bliss and tranquility courtesy of its dainty branch and leaves design.


    Shangri La, Maui

    Maui by Fardis

    Maui is a truly heavenly design that transports you to a Pacific paradise with its depiction of the palms of the tropical worlds.


    Shangri La, Skardu

    Skardu by Fardis

    True to its Buddhist origin, Skardu embodies nirvana by way of a diverse medley of floral and botanical marvels that would have adorned the peaks and valleys of the legendary world of Shangri La.


    Shangri La, Yunnan

    Yunnan by Fardis

    A design as picturesque as the snowy mountain peaks and rich valleys of its namesake, Yunnan depicts a wide array of flora that transports you away to utopia.


    See more of our Florals & Botanics inspired designs.

    Botanic Moodboard


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