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    Muraspec Poland Celebrate their 20th Birthday

    Muraspec Poland Celebrate their 20th Birthday!

    Muraspec Poland proudly celebrated their 20th birthday at PROM Kultury Saska Kępa last Thursday. 

    Muraspec 20 Lat Cake

    Muraspec 20 Balloon

    And celebrate we did, with over 300 attendees from the industry! 

    Party Guests 1

    Party Guests 2

    Party Guests 3

    Party Guests 4

    The team was very excited to showcase some of our latest wallcoverings from Lava to CrestAndaluciaBlossom and more. 

    Samples, Brochures, etc.

    Muraspec Rollshot

    Party Guests 5

    Favourites from the event also included our timeless natural effects, rich textures and the always-adaptable Wallmotion range.  

    Party Guests 6

    Muraspec Wallmotion

    We had such a lovely time! And we hope to see everyone at many anniversaries to come. 

    Muraspec 20th Birthday

    Party Guests 7

    Check out more photos from the przyjęcie!


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    Contact us at 03705 117 118 or for more info. 

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