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    LATEST TRENDS, 2017 – Colour of the Year

    In 2017, we’re seeking peaceful and relaxing atmosphere; our very own ‘cosy haven’. And we’re not alone! In fact, Pantone’s Greenery is a chic nature-inspired take on this tranquil trend. 

    Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends – and inspiration is everywhere. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is no exception.

    Do let us know if these inspire your next design choice!


    Botanic Spuma

    Botanic, Spuma

    Looking to rejuvenate your design scheme? Spuma might just be that breath of fresh air. Our refreshing Botanic patterns have a soothing effect on the body, mind and soul. 


    Bukhara, Chardon

    Bukhara, Chardon

    Chardon by Bukhara leaves an everlasting impression on any design scheme. These ethereal paisley wallcoverings take you back to the true origin of life as they reinvigorate your interiors.  


    DecoTweed Melrose

    DecoTweed, Melrose

    Juxtaposing tweed stripes in a varied and vibrant colour palette, Melrose is the quintessence of tranquil beauty - much like its namesake ‘Melrose’, a nearby town of renowned distinction. 


    Eden II Arabesque

    Eden II, Arabesque

    Inspired by woven origami, the lustrous Arabesque is characterised by a soft and neutral palette – creating a shadowy 3D effect.


    Eden II Challis

    Eden II, Challis

    The Challis pattern was inspired by the entrancing eroded rock patterns found on the craggy shorelines of the Outer Hebrides, Scottish Islands. This simple, yet elegant Eden II design creates a refreshingly tranquil backdrop for your contemporary furnishings.  


    Eden II Malachite

    Eden II, Malachite 

    The Malachite colour palette adds a peacefully harmonious touch to any interior environment. Dissolving sands, torn away from the Scottish Islands by the turbulent Hebridean waves, inspire this dazzlingly beautiful Eden II motif.


    Excellence, Romana

    Excellence, Romana

    Wallcoverings that inspire the imagination. Romana, from our Excellence series, is a refined array of the elegant damasks, refreshing florals and modern geometrics that define contemporary design trends. 


    Kew, Akiko

    Kew, Akiko                 

    Enriched with a stunning hand drawn quality, Akiko’s intricate florals and botanical prints add a peacfully luxuriant atmosphere to any interior scheme. A soft nature-inspired palette and light reflective embellishements, characteristic of our Kew range, breathe new life into any living space. 


    Splendore, Woodland

    Splendore, Woodland

    Woodland’s modern prints offer a rich illusion of burnished metals – creating a visually stunning look. Overprinted with reflective foils, our mesmerizing Splendore wallcoverings are the perfect fit for the most opulent of interiors.


    Get inspired! Check out Fardis’ Wall Inspiration for an even wider range of distinctive, elegant designs. Visit Pantone for more on Greenery.


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