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    Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year

    In the bustle of an increasingly urban lifestyle everyone feels a bit of nostalgia for the lusciousness and serenity of the countryside. Perhaps this is why florals and botanicals are so on trend this year. 

    Botanic Moodboard

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    Fardis & Muraspec To Exhibit at the Scottish Interiors Showcase

    From the mythical world of Shangri La to the timeless Everglades, we’ve included below our latest and inspiring wallpaper designs to be displayed at the Scottish Interiors Showcase

    SIS Visitors Day 1

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    10 Floral Wallpapers from Fardis!

    Fortune, Willow

    Our summer-inspired, floral designs are unique in their ability to add character and breathe new life into any interior scheme. 


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    Idea kitchen Reinvented for 2014

    The iconic Idea kitchen has been updated by Pininfarina to give it a beautiful, contemporary new look

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