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    Benefits of Choosing Wallpaper

    Perhaps the most important of your considerations in bringing a vision to life are your wall surfaces.

    Your chosen alternatives – whether paint or wallpaper – can have a significant impact on the cost effectiveness, longevity and even functionality of your interiors.

    Muraspec Studio

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    How to select and install the right wallpaper for you?

    Selecting the right wallpaper for your home can be quite a challenge. Get it right however, and the result is the most trendsetting of interiors.  

    Peacock Rollshot

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    Muraspec Launches New MemErase Surface Paint

    We are thrilled to introduce our innovative MemErase Surface Paint, new to the ultra functional dry erase collection! 


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    Muraspec and Skopos at Care Show 2016

    Muraspec & Skopos will be exhibiting at the inspiring Care and Dementia Show from Oct. 11th to 12th, at NEC Birmingham. 


    Care Show


    Visit us at Stand G36!

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    Refreshing a Room with Blue

    Blue is a versatile colour in interior design, able to complement or contrast with every colour on the spectrum for a dramatic effect.

    Refreshing a Room with Blue

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    Breathe New Life into Your Sideboard

    Sideboards are often the unsung hero of an interior design, providing a function as a showcase or storage space for other items.

    Breathe New Life into Your Sideboard

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