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    Benefits of Choosing Wallpaper

    Perhaps the most important of your considerations in bringing a vision to life are your wall surfaces.

    Your chosen alternatives – whether paint or wallpaper – can have a significant impact on the cost effectiveness, longevity and even functionality of your interiors.

    Muraspec Studio

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    Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year

    In the bustle of an increasingly urban lifestyle everyone feels a bit of nostalgia for the lusciousness and serenity of the countryside. Perhaps this is why florals and botanicals are so on trend this year. 

    Botanic Moodboard

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    Pantone Colour of the #NewYear

    Pantone is at the forefront of re-imagination and reinvention with their dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade of the year. 

    Pantone COY Wallpaper_Fardis


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    Muraspec Launches New Autumn Designs

    Our design team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends –and inspiration is truly everywhere. Discover our latest creations, the splendid Eternity, timeless Everglades and Fardis' ethereal Shangri La

    Maui by Fardis

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    7 Timeless Decorative Designs

    From elaborate damasks to elegant classics and intricate geometric prints, decorative wallpapers add a touch of luxury to any interior design.

    Here, we’ve got a quick shortlist featuring some of our ageless designs. 

    DecoTweed Minto

    Perhaps one of these will inspire your next project?

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    Muraspec & Fardis Launch Newest Decoupage Range

    If you are looking for truly distinctive wallcoverings, look no further than our elegant – yet unforgettable – Decoupage series.

    Eden II Malachite

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    Incorporating Firewood into an Interior Design

    Spring is on its way, which means curling up in front of a roasting fire is out for another year.

    Incorporating Firewood into an Interior Design

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    A Paper Mill Transformed Into a Contemporary Loft

    An old paper mill in the French village of Anduze has been given a modern-rustic update as a contemporary loft apartment with a sleek, monochrome interior.

    A Paper Mill Transformed Into a Contemporary Loft

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    Introducing Gold Accents into Your Home

    As we covered in last week’s ‘Five Festive Home Ideas’ blog, it’s easy to introduce homely but contemporary design elements into your home for a stylish and festive interior.

    Introducing Gold Accents into Your Home


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    A Mediterranean-Influenced Home

    A Californian country home is infused with Mediterranean influences, creating a warm and open space ideal for a family.

    A Mediterranean-Influenced Home

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