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    9 Lifelike Textured Wallpapers

    From modern minerals to inky metallics and more – our wallcoverings are heavily inspired by this most exciting trend in the world of interior design. 

    Wallmotion, 00310

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    Looking Good in London - Muraspec & Fardis

    Looking good in London are our brands both Fardis & Muraspec!

    fardis showroomnewres


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    bbrown Glitter in Garsons Christmas Display

    If you live in Surrey or Hampshire, you must have seen the fantastic Christmas displays at Garsons garden centres. They’ve been voted the best Christmas garden centre in the South Thames region by the Garden Centre Association for their Christmas displays, decoration and gifts.

    bbrown Glitter in Garsons Christmas Display

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    A Townhouse Combining Classic with Contemporary

    Clifton Interiors has provided a stylish interior design for a townhouse in the historic Marylebone Village of London, mixing contemporary and classic styles for a sophisticated look.

    A Townhouse Combining Classic with Contemporary

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    A Timeless Rustic Apartment in Barcelona

    A writer’s apartment in Barcelona has been given a simple, modern take on the rustic farmhouse, offering a relaxing space with plenty of warmth and character.

    A Timeless Rustic Apartment in Barcelona

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    After colour and pattern, texture is the all-important third dimension of any interior design, helping to provide interest, atmosphere, or even drama to a room.

    How to Introduce Texture to an Interior Scheme

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