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    7 Timeless Decorative Designs

    From elaborate damasks to elegant classics and intricate geometric prints, decorative wallpapers add a touch of luxury to any interior design.

    Here, we’ve got a quick shortlist featuring some of our ageless designs. 

    DecoTweed Minto

    Perhaps one of these will inspire your next project?

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    7 Festively Shimmery Wallcoverings

    We’re already getting into the holiday spirit at the Muraspec Group!

    Go edgy this season, with our alluring & iridescent wallcoverings – a great way to add a festive touch to any interior design. 

    Splendore, Luxe Scroll

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    Fardis Launches Newest Luxury Collection, Nouvelle!

    Discover our latest creation –the luxurious Nouvelle range.

    Nouvelle, Clos

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    Modern Wallpapers from Fardis and Muraspec!

    From intricate geometrics, to abstracts and sleek linear prints, our modern wallcoverings add a calmative touch to any space –something we all crave in our busy metropolitan lives! 

    Elektra, Chase

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    10 Floral Wallpapers from Fardis!

    Fortune, Willow

    Our summer-inspired, floral designs are unique in their ability to add character and breathe new life into any interior scheme. 


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    LATEST TRENDS, 2016 – Colours of the Year

    New Year, New Design Trends! Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is everywhere. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is no exception.

    Shimmering Details, Duo

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    Fardis launches Wall Inspiration


    Wall Inspiration spoiling you for choice, a image gallery that will inspire you to choose your wallpaper. 

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