Ideal Home Show


    Thankyou for visiting Fardis at the Ideal Home Shows in London & Manchester!


    It's our first time exhibiting at Ideal Home and we've been touched by your kind words and positive comments.


    On this page you'll find the wallpapers you saw and loved on the stands. For Impressions panel and fabric requests please contact the showroom directly.


    If you'd like to order samples or buy wallpaper using your show voucher please contact a member of the showroom team on 0207 731 7300 or email

    * Due to the high number of requests received, please allow up to a week for your samples to arrive. *


     Neo Link 10027  Glitter Jazz GLJ07 Madagascar 05A26
    Neo Link 10027  Glitter Jazz GLJ07 Madagascar - contact the showroom
     Allegri Sorrento 10411 Splendore Luxe 10251  Indus Silk 10195
    Allegri Sorrento 10411  Splendore Luxe 10251 Indus Silk 10195
    Cantari Orpheus Fuji Asami 10055  Seagrass
    Cantari Orpheus ORPHEUS01 Fuji Asami 10055 Seagrass - COMING SOON 
     Fuji Tessuto 10065  Reflective P8083 Baroque Cavalli Damask 10304
    Fuji Tessuto 10065 Reflective - contact the showroom   Baroque Cavalli Damask 10304
    18 Karat Branchly EK4182  Allegri Ravenna 10415  Plexus 03A77
    18 Karat Branchly EK4182 Allegri Sorrento 10415 Plexus - contact the showroom  
     Damascus 02A98   18 Karat Hampton Court EK4221
    Damascus - contact the showroom  Galaxy Stripe   18 Karat Hampton Court EK4221
     Chrysanthemum 05A64 Neo Maze 10003 Menara
     Chrysanthemum - contact the showroom  Neo Maze 10003 Menara - contact the showroom 
     Fortuna Juno 10451 Solitaire  Shimmering Details Velocity DE8817
    Fortuna Juno 10455 Solitaire - contact the showroom  Shimmering Details Velocity DE8817
     Splendore Woodland 10316 Andesite 08A39 Reflective P8082 
    Splendore Woodland 10316 Andesite - contact the showroom   Reflective - contact the showroom 
    Sequins SEQ21  Safari Neo Prism 10018
     Sequins - contact the showroom  Safari - contact the showroom  Neo Prism 10018
    Chrysanthemum 05A59   Splendore Luxe Scroll 10323  Linum Plumont 10006109
     Chrysanthemum - contact the showroom   Splendore Luxe Scroll 10323  Lin'um Plumont 10006109
     Cantari Delphine 05 Flare Glitter Jazz GLJ32
    Cantari Delphine DELPHINE05  Flare - contact the showroom  Glitter Jazz GLJ32