Impressions' Decorative Panels by Muraspec

Created by Muraspec , the artistic Impressions collection is a practical, and efficient way to add real impact, and atmosphere to any design scheme.

Impressions' Decorative Panels by Muraspec

From decorative panels, to wallcoverings in thousands of colourways, our products are all manufactured at our Kent-based facility. Our solutions are high quality and durable, whilst also being on trend and fairly priced. 


This promise extends into our top-notch Impressions panels, a perfect fit for the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide. 

Impressions, Bespoke Panels


Created by Muraspec, the artistic Impressions collection is a practical, and efficient way to add real impact, and atmosphere to any design scheme. A visionary design, overlaid onto rich MDF panels, leads to Impressions’ characteristic visual impact; a laminated finish similarly adds a necessary layer of durability. 


Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Impressions


From waves to geometrics, Impressions panels are available in a range of finishes – including wood veneer and high gloss. Our range is available in thirty-one, readymade alternatives or you may opt for the “customer’s own design" option wherein you provide us with a design, and we build it for you.   


Chevron, IMP0397

Chevron, IMP0397

Given our unrivalled service and loyal customer base –around the globe – Muraspec has proven to be the right partner for any design challenge. Here, we’ve included a quick shortlist of projects, all featuring our very eclectic range of decorative panels


Dixons Carphone at Oxford Street, London U.K

Dixons Carphone employed Muraspec as the decorative solutions provider of choice for their trailblazing, new flagship store on the iconic Oxford Street. 

Dixons Carphone Impressions


The multinational company opted to install over 50 sq. ft. of Dynamo’s LED panels – breaking records for the largest digital display on Oxford Street! This ‘feature wall’ was then encased within our very own, bespoke panels to create a high-tech digital experience, befitted for a company of the Digital Age.


Dixons Carphone Impressions_1


Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road, London U.K          

Take a look at our Crystal design, a focal point at this Gloucester Road Casino. 

Crystal, IMP0393

Crystal, IMP0393

Crystal, IMP0393_2

Design by: Fisch Design.

Photos by: Matthew Ling Photography.


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow Ireland                  

Featured at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, we have the remarkable Walnut & Black range. The below designs are Symphony (vertical hourglass) and Branches (tree effect), respectively.

Symphony Impressions


Branches Impressions

Design by: Space Solutions


Check out Impressions’ Photo Gallery

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